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Eminent Innovations is a branding and design company based in the heart of Lusaka, Zambia .
Our aim is to create innovations that change branding in Zambia. We are equipped to supply a wide range of branded products and services. With passion and big dreams, Eminent Innovations aims to provide its clients’ branded products in ways that are personally relevant and memorable.
Our aim is to create value in the current market by identifying the need and matching it with the right products and services. Rather than being ‘the Supplier’ we regard ourselves as your partner in caring for your business requirements and working together as a team to help you achieve a working environment that everyone can be proud of.
Our pro-active management partnership methods are designed to run every job without experiencing any of the common problems associated with other service providers. We do this by engaging in regular contact with our clients and with all our employees, ensuring an open and accessible relationship with all those involved. With initial and ongoing support for all our operations we build the vital triangle of trust between operations, management and client.

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